Tips On Saving Fuel

Even without the soaring petrol prices of the last few months, it's still wise to conserve fuel. Not only will it save you money, but it's good for the environment too! So here're a few tips on how you can do your part.

Engine Warm Up
Do not warm up the engine by letting the car idle. Drive off immediately after starting, but at a low speed. This way, the engine will warm up faster and lubricate better.

Driving Style
Avoid fast starts and sudden stops. Avoid unnecessary stops 'cos it takes 20% less fuel to accelerate to cruising speed from 10km/h than from a complete stop.

Jackrabbit Starts
Do not jackrabbit. Setting off in a blaze of speed with tyres screeching wastes fuel and exposes you and your car to danger.

Drive at an Economical Speed
Always keep a manual transmission in the highest gear possible without straining the engine. Travelling at 80km/h in fifth gear (2,500rpm) uses less petrol than travelling at 50km/h in third (also 2,500rpm) because the engine turns fewer revolutions per kilometre.

Don't Ride the Brake or Clutch Pedal
This increases fuel consumption and causes needless wear on the brakes and clutch.

Car Pooling
Share transport with your motoring neighbours or colleagues.

Walk All Short Distances
Avoid driving if your destination is within walking distance. Not only do you save on fuel, it is a good form of exercise too.

Travel Light
Do not carry unnecessary weight in your car, 'cos with a heavy load, the engine uses more fuel.

Air Conditioner
Switch on the air conditioner only when necessary. Air conditioners reduce mileage by about 5 - 10%.

Regular Service
Ensure that the car is serviced regularly in accordance with the service programme.

Correct Tyre Pressure
Check that the tyres are correctly inflated. If the tyres are soft, their rolling resistance will be greater and fuel consumption will increase.

Proper Wheel Alignment
It takes power to overcome improper alignment, which in turn wastes fuel.

Plan Your Route
Before you embark on your journey, plan your route properly to avoid needless travelling.

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