3 Surefire Tips to Save Gas

Gas prices are down right ridiculous, any tips to save gas are welcome by all drivers today. There are bunches of ways that can show you how to save gas, but here are just my top three that I use on a daily basis to save gas and money.

Alter your travel times

If there is any way you can change your work hours I would do so. Traffic is most heavy for me when I leave in the morning and when I go home in the afternoon. My commute is 30 miles each way, which means a lot of stop and go traffic. This type of driving burns a lot of fuel. Subsequently, I changed my hours to leave later in the day and get home later in the evening when traffic is lighter both ways. This has helped me to save money by not wasting gas in traffic.

Join a wholesale club with discounted gas

A lot of wholesale membership clubs such as Costco have gas at a discount. Normally it is a few cents less per gallon, but at times I have seen it ten cents below local stations. This is well worth it if you gas up several times a month or week for that matter as I do.

Minimize air condition use

Air conditioning burns a lot of fuel. If you can travel when it is not too hot where you can just roll the windows down, I would do that as well. You would be surprised at how much money you can save by just sweating a little. Turn on the air only when you need to.

I hope that these three tips to save gas help you out. Any sort of help consumers can get with the rising prices should be snatched up.



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