Car That Runs With Water

The car that runs with water has become very popular lately. The name implies that water is the main fuel but actually water is mixed with gas or diesel in small quantities to achieve increases in gas mileage- and it sure does improve your gas mileage.

In our tests we have come up with the following results.

· 43% improved gas mileage

· $38 savings in fuel costs each week

· we learned to build a car that runs with water

It didn't take any real mechanical skill either to achieve these results. With about 7 hours of work our family how has a water gas hybrid. We followed the plans closely though so we didn't make any mistakes.

It was important to do everything in the right order so it worked properly.

Considering that it only took 4 days to find the required parts and we ended up spending only $220 in total including the plans we were pretty happy with the conversion.

We figured the parts would be hard to find or there must be some other flaw in the system but that wasn't the case at all. Everything worked just like it was supposed to.

It's been about 4 months now and the results are much better than we expected. Our investment was paid for in a little over 7 weeks. We were very happy that it paid back so fast.

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  • will the government allow this car to be launched internationally?as its a big treat for those countries who produce oil and the economy of that country runs with oil production.

    By Blogger mahmud, At June 24, 2008 at 6:55 AM  

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